The beautiful part about your story is that it isn’t finished yet” - Anastia Léyon


Anastia Léyon

The women behind the music

A Name to Remember

Born in Miami, FL, Anastia Léyon (pronounced /anas tia`/ lé yōn) is a singer, songwriter, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. Anastia Léyon has a unique ability to captivate diverse crowds with her words, lyrics, and charisma. Her artistry has a distinctive edge, overlaid by her remarkable voice and sound that delivers a sultry, smooth, and lasting impact: Her eclectic style, soulfulness, and passion speak for themselves. Her music is uplifting, inspirational, and self-reflective, creating meaningful dialogue to encourage positive change. 

She is on a mission to create "music to the ears that reach the soul." She makes music that provides and expands positive, life-changing experiences to all who encounter and listen. Her vision is to use her musical art to enhance the well-being of individuals, communities, and the world. 

She asserts that she can't identify the moment when she fell in love with music and it's connection. She says, "It's as if I were born with a passion for it and only discovered my ability to sing and write." She grew up in church, where she further developed her love for music alongside her father, himself a musician and singer. According to Anastia Léyon, he contributed significantly to her passion for pursuing music professionally. 

She used her music as a means of honoring the memory of her father after his passing. She says, "After losing my father, I discovered my ability to write and create music kept me connected to him. I used my writing to explore my grief; it helped me express my feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I found that my ability to create heartfelt music resonated with the experiences of others as they went through their own life journey and ultimately helped heal their soul as it did mine."

She continued, "My father was my biggest inspiration because of his musical aspirations. He gave me the passion, the desire, and the appreciation to leave no dream deferred. 
I've faced many setbacks and challenges that I had to overcome, from losing my father to discovering who I am as a person and as an artist, sister, daughter, and woman. Life is always happening. But it has been the obstacle to and catalyst for my artistic development."

Her accolades include making her mark at the world-famous Apollo Theater in New York as a winner of "Making a Star," as well as performing the National Anthem at Citi Field in New York as evidence of her achievements.

Anastia Léyon has used her voice for meaningful impact with charities and special events, which include: Musicians on Call, Children in Distress center, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, Christmas in July at the FLA Live Arena formally known as the BB&T Center, the City of Sunrise Woodstock Festival and the City of Fort Lauderdale 100-year celebration to name a few.

This journey didn't start yesterday, and it's far from through as the world continues to experience the beauty that is Anastia Léyon.